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At the School of Game Development we begin preparing students for careers in the video game industry from day one. Our curriculum has been developed by industry professionals to give students the skills and workflows needed to compete in the fields of Game Design, Game Programming, Concept Art, and 3D Art. The department’s faculty guides students through the development process from concept to first playable and helps them to develop portfolio-ready pieces that demonstrate both individual work and group projects. The annual Spring Show is a showcase for the best work in the department and an opportunity for those students to meet with recruiters and professionals in their field.

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Our game design students spend long hours both inside and outside of the classroom taking their ideas from concept to playable. Where some students simply see the final result of that effort as a grade, others see an opportunity to test and polish their ideas into something that an audience will enjoy playing. This year we're excited to share some of these experiences with you and hope that you enjoy playing them as much as the department enjoyed seeing their development.


You are a flame that has just been born into this world and find yourself in a dark, damp underground environment. You feel cold and dim in the lantern you have awakened within and are compelled to seek out a cozier home. The underground is treacherous for a little flame, and between the darkness and the natural hazards of your surroundings, everything seems to be trying to snuff you out. Hop along various burnable objects, overcome obstacles, and find all of the prisms along the way in this 2D precision platformer. Will you burn the only things keeping you alive? Or will you finally find a place to flicker in peace?

Project Owner: Justin Miller

Additional Credits:

Platform: Web Browser, PC


Hickory is a puzzle platformer that follows the journey of a little mouse named Hickory. Using a magical pocket watch to manipulate time, Hickory must endure a climb up the hazardous clockworks of Tick-Tock, a malfunctioning clocktower that the mice call their home.

Project Owner: Brendan Reilly

Additional Credits:

Shawn Liu - Project Lead, Game Design

Devon Ferguson - Concept Art Lead

Letitia Longbons - Concept Art Lead

Ryan O'Conner - 3D Modeling Lead

Tim Harris - 3D Modeling Lead

Lauryn Henderson - Concept Art Lead

Platform: Web Browser, PC

Fertile Land

In a turn-based multiplayer card game, adventurers place cards like a puzzle to earn tokens and use tokens to buy abilities and scores, using strategies and abilities to get more scores to win the final victory.

Project Owner: Renwei Wu

Additional Credits:

Platform: Web Browser, PC

Pong Knight

Pong Knight is an Action Adventure RPG that mixes combat with arcade styled gameplay. Players explore a dungeon in search of keys and items in order to confront the boss of the dungeon.

Project Owner: Patrick Pepito

Additional Credits:

Platform: Web Browser, PC

Sin Slayer

A warrior who fights the odds without memory. His every action is randomized. Become the warrior and adapt to every random situation.

Project Owner: Jiaming Yuan

Additional Credits:

Platform: Web Browser, PC

Nightmare Delivery

Nightmare Delivery is a Top-Down, 2D Mission-Based racing game where you play as a nightmare delivery service. The goal of the game is to deliver a nightmare to another house, navigating through a treacherous path, before the time runs out. The main vehicle the player controls is a sled pulled by three monstrous figures. Trees, boulders, and visual barriers become hazards and obstacles to prevent the player from reaching the goal on time. Throughout the level are sheep that can be collected and add time to the player’s time meter.

Project Owner: Justin Miller

Additional Credits:

Platform: Web Browser, PC

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