Global View of Student Portfolios

Over the years, artists and designers from more than 130 countries have made Academy of Art University their home.

The students featured at Spring Show are from all over the world. From Asia and Alaska. Hayward and Ukraine. Turkey and the Tenderloin. They are different in countless ways—in race, religion, political leaning, gender, and more. We embrace these differences. We always have. Each is welcome here.

This no-barriers approach makes Academy of Art University one of the most diverse artistic educational communities in the world. Our diversity opens the world to our students. It gives them freedom to express feelings they thought were only their own.

Our diversity gives students a place to truly be themselves. It gives them the confidence to express their creativity in ways that they dared not before. And to become extraordinary artists, designers and creators.

Explore their work on this site, and on the globe below.

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