Margery Wang

Margery Wang

Fashion / BFA

What is Fashion to you?
Fashion is something that allows me to express my mood and thoughts to the world.

I loved dressing up for as long as I could remember. Used to wake up every morning at 5am during high school just to pick out my outfits and get my hair and makeup done.
Took my first sewing class as my elective class during junior year of high school, and that's when I decided to pursue my degree in Fashion Design.

This collection is inspired by a photo I took in Taiwan when I visited the butterfly garden. Although it is a Spring/ Summer collection I decided to go with different shades of gray to express the mood. Butterflies represents rebirth, transformation, and hope which is so beautiful. It represents a new start for me after graduation and could mean something else to you!

Hi, I am Margery Wang, effortless yet sophisticated designs are what I go for.

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