Kalpak Deshmukh

Animation & Visual Effects / MA

I am Houdini FX Artist based in San Francisco. I believe my Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Effects following a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering has helped me achieve the skillset to work autonomously to create realistic and directable simulations of any real-world phenomena based on reference and concept art.

Multitasking productively under a high-pressure environment is something that I self-learned during my engineering days and continue to use as an FX artist to convert artistic visions into complex film-quality dynamic effects. Using art and science from both sides of my experience, I excel at creating dynamics of explosions, water, rigid body breakup simulations, procedural modeling, and other FX department creativity as a Houdini artist.
I am trained in advanced Houdini from a Certified Houdini Instruction School and am also trained in Maya, RealFlow, Unreal Engine, and Nuke for FX compositing.

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