Meiyu Jing

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

While other kids in my neighborhood were playing games, I was reading historical stories and watching old TV shows. While my classmates in school were focused on their studies, I was immersing myself in writing stories.. As a girl born in a traditional family, chasing dreams in the entertainment industry was magical thinking: something that would never happen. But yet, it did. I was the child, the teenager, who found what she loved, and did what she wanted to do.

Exactly what that was going to be was settled quickly in film schools. I fell in love with production design. While some dazzling and widely loved masterpieces inspire most budding filmmakers, I was more drawn to smaller, lower-budget indie films as my inspiration. They whispered to me that you can bring the director's vision of the world and setting the characters live in equally as well as the world and setting in blockbuster films.

My mind is overly active, and my imagination never seems to sleep. I love exploring the relationship between people and nature, conflicts between human beings, and the emotions swirling within people. All of these inspire me and impact my design process.

My diverse interests, experiences, and education give me the confidence to take on a wide array of projects and perform various roles, be it mainly as a Production Designer, but also as Producer, SPFX Makeup and Wardrobe Assistant, BTS Photographer, Lyricist,

I look forward to the day that my work finds its way to you.

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