Markus Deakin

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

When you're a nine-year-old kid, bored out of your mind living in West Australia, there is only one thing to do: make YouTube videos and show it to your friends on lunch breaks.

My passion for shooting continued and evolved at even more rapid pace in high school, By the time I was a senior, I was nationally recognized for my experimental student short film, Eye Know?’ I transitioned after high school into the entertainment industry rather and quickly gained a reputation as a go-to-videographer.

My ambitions, however, exceeded the borders of my state. A desire to expand my knowledge of cinematography and hone my skills led me to San Francisco, California to study at Academy of Art University. It was the right choice: I've been shooting with state-of-the-art studio cameras, lenses, and lights, and getting many opportunities to shoot. One of the narrative shorts I shot, Thief, garnered Best Director and Best Short Film Challenge at the NXTUP Film Festival.

I have no doubt that I will have many more opportunities before I graduate to work with the abundance of talented filmmakers at AAU.

Thief- Best Cinematography

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