Ricky Hernandez

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

I’m a Hispanic filmmaker, born and raised in Northridge, California. I’ve been infatuated with movies and television ever since that fateful day when I got to see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. I had an out of body experience - no awareness of my surroundings, my eyes riveted to the screen, my body coursing with adrenaline.

That experience happened many times more, but I never entertained the thought that I could be the one making the movies, only the one watching them. Not knowing what I wanted to do, I joined the United States Navy, where I trained and became a mechanic,

Sometime in those four years later, out at sea with nothing but sky and water in the horizon, I began to dream of another life. A life making other people laugh and cry Taking them places they never have seen. Espying people they have never met, A dream of being a film director.

I had my doubts about whether this impossible dream I was chasing would ever happen. But several film festival-nominated narrative shorts, docs, and PSAs later, this dream has morphed into what has become and will continue to be, my incredible reality.

Killer - Best Short Film Challenge
Killer - Best Directing: Short Film Challenge
Mari - Best Documentary

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