Ashley Jackson

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

Being born the Bay Area, Oakland, California and was raised in Alameda right across the street from the beach really made me look at the world differently. From being in private schools and going to operas at a young age, and dancing in the Nutcracker, opened my eyes to a new world
where anything was possible for me. Memories of listening and watching Dr. Maya Angelou on the TV and radio, sparked my interest to begin writing. I started by writing poems, that thenturned to lyrics that I would sing.

Fast forward years later my sophomore year in high school, I wrote my first play in drama class. My drama teacher enjoyed it so much that she gave me the opportunity at fifteen to have professional actors perform my play at the Berkeley Arts Center. This was my first time directing
and producing with the help of my teacher. That experience really pushed me to continue writing.

After moving to New York and being in publishing for years, I decided to get into scriptwriting. Film has always been a passion for me, by the idea of taking a thought, writing it down and seeing the vision come to reality.

My goal as a screenwriter and producer is to show the beautiful stories of the men and women of color, in a way that changes the narrative on how society sees us. Bringing authentic, heartfelt comedy and drama from the script to the screen. Welcome to Ashley Brajaé’s world.

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