Babs Gilly

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

I am a narrative and documentary editor, a tiny ball of energy who loves telling stories visually. My sense of rhythm and music, courage to experiment, and dark humor characterize my work.

Born and raised in a small village in Austria, I grew up roaming the woods with the boys, wanting to be like Robin Hood and Indiana Jones. My fascination for stories and movies never lessened: on the contrary, watching “making-ofs” only fueled my desire to become a part of the filmmaking community.

I recently graduated from Academy of Art University, studying my craft of editing in the School of Motion Pictures & Television. I describe myself as a walking contradiction, curious about everything, with a brain that works at light speed and makes the weirdest connections. At heart, I am still a kid with an enormous imagination, shoving bits and pieces around the timeline like a jigsaw puzzle, until everything fits and the story is ready to be seen.

Instagram @babsgilly

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