Annie Blumenstein

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

I know it sounds cheesy to say my life as a filmmaker the moment I stepped foot on the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park studio tour bus, but it’s true. I didn't find my love for film on screen, I found it on a set. It was mind-blowing to think that I could create something that one day people sitting in movie theaters or in the comfort of their home would see on a screen.

My focus in the School of Motion Pictures & Television has been directing, but along the way I have gotten to hone my skills at editing and cinematography. My film, Voices, which I shot, was nominated for Best Cinematography at the 2022 NXT UP Fest, and a short film, which I directed was nominated for a Best Scene Production Lab film in last year’s NXT UP Fest.

I look forward to directing more films that entertain, yet give insight, perspective and shed light on characters we may or may not come in contact with in our daily lives.

Best Cinematography- Voicemails

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