Yolit Rios

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Animation has always been my passion, and I believe animation is a part of cinema that everyone downplays. Once I went to The Academy Of Art University, I didn't know there was so much more to the animation industry. Not only did I want to create the animations, but I also wanted to push myself and take hold of the projects and lead a team. There and then, I have decided to be a Visual Effects Producer.

Since my time at the Academy, I have gained much experience running productions through their Studio X program. I have been on various client-based projects. A few examples are LYD, a Hybrid documentary; water, a music video; and Where Monsters Lurk, a student short film of Columbia College Chicago. The day-to-day tasks on these projects can include managing crew assignments, organizing dailies sessions, scheduling client reviews, organizing project files, and many other production tasks.

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