Jessica De La Cruz

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

I am just at the beginning in this new chapter in my life where I finally feel free and able to pursue my dreams in having a career in music. Music has always been a passion of mine, ever since I can remember. I’ve always been drawn to it; whether it be from casual listening, in the movies, or playing and learning new instruments. I love how it can bring out certain emotions and feelings or even create a story within itself. I think as a person who struggled at a young age to express oneself verbally, and sometimes even now as an adult, expression always felt the most natural for me if done musically. And I would love to create those same experiences for others through my music as a composer and songwriter.

It took me about 10 years of switching majors and trying different career paths, but I’ve finally learned that it is never too late to pursue your dreams; and to never ignore your heart’s desire because it is a part of who you are. I am grateful to have attended AAU and earned my Master’s in Music Scoring and Composition, because I feel like my skills as a composer has improved immensely from the time I enrolled and will continue to sharpen those skills moving forward.

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