Junseok Eom

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

My name is Junseok Eom(Jun). I am from Republic of Korea. l love making film. I love editing and designing sound of film as well. I made some films such as “This is a smell,” “Paul,” “Sky and Ceiling,” “Se So Neon music video,” “Toner,” “Water & Forgiveness” and “501 Taylor: Quarantine.” I am a director of all and I edit and design sound too. I want to express my thought and imagination through film medium. For me, film is the most familiar medium. Plus, I believe possibility of film. To be specific, I think film can save people. Because of that I would love to do something good with that medium. My very first film is “Rambo 1: First Blood.” From this film, I’ve loved American film and dreamed studying film in the U.S. That’s why now I’m in Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I like this school because I am able to open my eyes about filmmaking in this school. I’ll do my best to learn and make an impressive and unique film.

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