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Taylor Broussard

Taylor Broussard

Landscape Architecture / MA

From a young age, I was interested in philosophy, policy and city planning. Early on, I decided I wanted to make a difference in cities and the public realm - leading to a degree and study at a local university in Political Science. Despite having a father who was a licensed Landscape Architect, and later a founder of his own design firm, it wasn't until much later in life that I began to understand the full scope and discipline of Landscape Architecture. As a child, my impression was that it was mostly the practice of horticulture, but as an adult, it became the practice of placemaking - a discipline that bridged the gap between private and public, and was responsible for weaving cities together. Not seeing a future in "politics", I committed to being a second-generation Landscape Architect, enrolling in Academy of Art to continue my education, beginning the process of license eligibility while continuing my work at the design firm and starting a family.

At Academy of Art, I was able to gain confidence and gain different perspectives. It allowed me to take chances, develop new skills and develop a professional sense of self outside of the family firm. Paired with my growing professional experience, I've become more capable in communicating design ideas to clients and creating a more coherent, effective design approach towards projects. The technical graphical design capability I've been able to develop "off-the-clock" while at Academy of Art has been invaluable as well, and immediately translated to current day projects. In the future, I hope to grow our firm's reach and capability in enriching and improving our public and social spaces - knowing that Landscape Architecture is indispensable in creating great cities.

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