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Salwa Diqs

Salwa Diqs

Fine Art / MA

In a world overwhelmed by the fast pace of technological advancements and where solitude and harmony with nature have been constantly challenged, my painting aims at reigniting and rejuvenating that sense of solitude and harmony by featuring the Jordanian desert with its rolling dunes and expansive mountains. My painting process starts with a four hour drive to the heart of the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum. It is hard to describe the feeling that comes over me once I see the light that floods the mountain ranges that have been carved away by years of sandstone blasting them into various abstract shapes. I usually stay in one of the camps in Wadi Rum, and with the help of the local Bedouins I travel around the desert. The views and peace in this valley are so magical. I am often taking photos of the mountains in the distance or the effect of sun light on the rocks. I aim to capture the beauty and uniqueness of this contrast. Due to the extreme weather conditions of the desert, I create small color studies or take photos to document the scene. In the studio I use oil paints on canvas to produce my paintings. I paint through many layers, to create a piece that has depth and history. I share in my paintings my experience of the desert and the very essence of harmony and solitude.

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