Photo by: Artist Medium: Oil 12x36x1
Photo by: Artist Medium: Oil 6x24x1
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Rebekah Nulph

Rebekah Nulph

Fine Art / MA

A sacred place is only sacred to those who treasure it. I have always lived near the ocean and spent collectively 4 years living a vagabond lifestyle on
various beaches. Through my extensive time staring at the horizon, the ocean brought me meditative peace and hope in the future. I am fascinated by the way the ocean can make people feel at ease and inspired, calmer and even more energized. By listening to the waves, smelling the sea breeze and seeing the reoccurring patterns, so many have found their own power. Through my current series, Sacred Landscape, I capture the ocean’s changing tide and make the viewer feel the pulse of being present in my sacred spaces.

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