Photo by: Parul Parasramka Medium: Ink on paper
The chaos
Photo by: Parul Parasramka Medium: Acrylic on canvas 20 inch x16 inch x2 inch
The Ragpicker
Photo by: Parul Parasramka Medium: Acrylic on canvas 48 inchx40 inchx2 inch
The calm
Photo by: Parul Parasramka Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 20 inch x16 inchx2 inch
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Parul Parasramka

Parul Parasramka

Fine Art / MA

As an artist, intricacy and complexities of human form always intrigued me. Influenced by old masters like Renoir and Degas to contemporary figurative painters like Jenny Saville and Zoey Frank, I am in the process of transforming pure representational figurative art to a more abstract and contemporary style. The figures in my work vary from millennials to generation Z, absolute strangers to friends and family. It is sometimes challenging to collect references of random people who might be subjects of interest but it’s a part of the process.

My current series of work incorporates the use of procreate to merge multiple images. The layers created are intended to portray movement as if multiple frames of a movie being captured on a single picture plane. I then work in a traditional format of creating thumbnail sketches and smaller value studies before moving on to the final large-scale paintings. I prefer to begin on a canvas treated with layers of gesso mixed with acrylic. That's where the layering process begins leaving behind a rich tone of mid value color and accidental marks, some of which are often visible in the finished piece. Once the surface is ready, I sketch with charcoal or thin oil paint, gradually moving on from lean to fat layers of oil paints. Layering with charcoal and oil enables me to develop a translucency adding abstraction to the concept and style. However, the layers that I develop are quite experimental and pleasant accidents often create interesting and unpredictable results in my work. Each layer in my paintings represents the complex dimensions of the human mind. Composition, light, values, abstract shapes, mark making, and contours are tools I use to unite the environment with the figures. These fundamentals are some major considerations that direct my work. Though oil is my medium of choice for my current series titled ‘Mind The Juggler’ , I also enjoy painting in acrylics.

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