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Lance Williams

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Sirens of My Anima derives from an exploration of philosopher and psychologist C.G. Jung's idea of the Collective Unconscious, specifically his Anima archetype. Jung believed there is a woman in every man, the anima, and a man, the animus in every woman. I began a journey to explore my anima and how she influences my psyche and tendencies in all aspects of my character. This collection is a result of that exploration.

Lance Williams is an artist with a seasoned vision for humanity and the abstract. From the time he could hold a writing tool, Lance was creating. In the beginning, it was crayons, like most children. Adolescence brought pencils, pens, and markers, where he may or may not have colored outside the lines. As a child, Lance longed to be an animator or an illustrator, creating comics or cartoons. These youthful artistic endeavors would give way to a more formal approach to art. Throughout his high school years, Lance developed a passion for painting and became obsessed with his Pentax K1000 35 mm film camera.

In the summer of 1997, Lance attended an intensive program for gifted students in the arts (SGSA) at Brevard College. He received a full scholarship from Transylvania County to participate in the program and would enroll in the fine art department at BC in the fall of 1997. Lance was awarded a full scholarship by the art department in his first year of undergrad. He received his Bachelor's of Art in 2001 with a double emphasis in painting and photography.

After graduation, Lance relocated to Greenville, SC, where he spent time working as an assistant director of an art gallery before taking a job with a local photographer. In 2006 he started his own photography business, Freelance Imagery. During the spring of 2016, Lance enrolled as a part-time graduate student at the Academy of Art University, where he pursued his Master's of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing. Lance intends to become a working artist and educator of future mark-makers upon finishing his MFA in 2022.

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