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Janice I Cronin

Janice I Cronin

Fine Art / MA

These Spring Show submissions are drawn from my Thesis portfolio, titled "Definite Identity". It is a celebration of the women who surrounded me growing up and all the other women whose personalities and identities have contributed to my own. In this series, I present these women in portraits where poses and environments reflect their strength, individuality, and confidence.

The linear elements in my work act as supporting structures while also creating an unconscious, ever present form of barrier. Many today are trying to tear down the barriers that are imposed on them by society, especially regarding gender and identity. They want to control how the rest of the world sees them. In some cases, they struggle with their own identity and where they fit in. In my paintings I present these women’s gender and identities as they see them, not as others see them. Mothers, who are seen by their children and the rest of the world simply as female caretakers. Career women, who are defined by what they do. Despite our society’s identity and gender fluidity, there is no question in other’s eyes about these women. Society may not give a second thought about their identities, but these women see themselves as much more. They know who they are. They may have their own barriers, but they are barriers which can also prevent the world from seeing them. It is my goal to present these women as they see themselves.

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