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Cecile Jeanette

Cecile Jeanette

Elective Projects / BFA

Cecile Jeanette Durand is a designer, stylist and DJ. She is a true believer that everyone can make a difference in this world. She is determined to influence the world with positivity and self observation. The energy you project is the energy you receive.

Cecile Jeanette is from Tampa, Fl where she owns a small home. Her passion for learning is reflected with an A.S in Computer Networking, Bachelor’s in Management and a Master’s in Business Management with an emphasis in Global Management. She also has been a member of the 290th JCSS with the Florida Air National Guard for 15 years.

Her passion for music and fashion emerged in her early 30’s. She started to learn how to DJ while still discovering her sense of style. As the years went by, her comfortability with fashion truly emerged. In her late 30’s, she enrolled in the Fashion program at the Academy of Art University.

Her goal is to create music, fashion and art and merge all the dimensions together.

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