Tony Kim

Animation & Visual Effects / MA

I am Soohwan Kim, and I go by Tony. I’m originally form South Korea and I have completed my bachelors degree in Textile design. During my school years, I completed my internship in a very successful fashion industry company as a textile designer. However, my internship experience wasn't totally consisted of what I had in mind. My daily role was mostly ordering stocks and fabrics for work and had less involvement with the design process which was a bit disappointing. I definitely had a valuable experience and diverse learnings but I had seconds thoughts to whether I wanted to pursue this path
as my continuing career.

Meanwhile, I had a chance to watch Frozen. I immediately fell in love with this movie and broke my stereotype that animation was for just children. After I fell in love with animations, I started diving into watching other animations as well. After, I realized that animation involved more creativity and entertainment for me than staying within the fashion industry. These are the reasons why I chose to study abroad here at Academy of Art University to start my new chapter and journey as a animator.

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