Jessie Borgman

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Jessica Borgman is a Fine Arts major studying stop motion, 2D animation, and concept art at the Academy of Art University. She has been drawing daily for over eight years and animating traditionally for six. Outside of school, she's completed digital and traditional media commissions for concept art, graphic design, and illustration. She has helped direct, animate, and fabricate puppets for multiple released short films during her time at the Academy; in the AAU 2020 Spring show, she and fellow animator Ava Martel won second place for “Best Animated Stop Motion Short.” Ms. Borgman taught art lessons and served as a junior counselor for three summers, working with children aged five to twelve. While she gravitates toward a German Expressionist art style, she anticipates the exploration of different aesthetics for future projects. For whatever creative ventures Borgman embarks on, she intends to produce unique and memorable work.

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