Mengting Liu

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MFA

My name is Mengting Liu, and I'm from China. My undergraduate major was musical performance-Violin. When I was in college, my daily routine was practice, practice, and practice. I started to feel aimless in my life goal.

At that time, I fell in love with watching movies and listening to soundtracks. Being immersed in the world of film scores gradually made me yearn for the life of film composers. Coming to the Academy of Art University has brought me positive guidance and hope for the future. I have improved my composition skills by learning from and taking feedback from instructors in the professional field.

Now I'm capable of various styles of music scoring and sound design: orchestral music, synth music, Traditional Chinese music, middle east music, Horror music, and Pop music. Use skilled DAWs to support inspirational music or sound design.

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