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Nunthicha Rianrungrod

Nunthicha Rianrungrod

Landscape Architecture / MA

Hello everyone my name is Nunthicha, The reason I've chosen to study landscape architecture is that I like how one person connect to nature, even though they are in an urban area where life is so busy. Nowadays, I see a lot more green space around the world and that's where I want to get involve into. I live in Thailand and taking MFA in Landscape Architecture fully online. I like to see everything in detail and explore more about art. I've learned a lot for this semester, getting to know more into the details of landscape architect career. Moreover, to become one of them I really need to work hard to get there. I think what I have learned so far is just the beginning of everything (this is my first 2 classes), but I know that they would benefit me in my future for sure, and I hope that in the end when I graduate everything will fall into place. So, I would be a landscape architect like I wish I could be.

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