Julia Eggert

Landscape Architecture / BFA

I decided to begin my venture towards a degree in Landscape Architecture after accumulating nearly 150 credits at the Community College and a couple of years as Treasurer on the Association of Professional Designers Board of Trustees. While my son was growing up, (he is now 31) I worked on and flipped a few houses before moving to the place my late husband grew up on. I developed a landscape and planted 1,000 various Japanese Maples.

My love for plants grew from this journey and now that I am again in a different, smaller home, I find myself with a new space to design.

I have enjoyed every bit of these years even when they were challenging and at times humbling. The instructors were excellent and the online program made it possible for me to study from home instead of wasting hours a day caught in traffic. I have been able to set my own schedule at my own pace which made it more enjoyable.

My goals are to find a position with a landscape architecture firm or small design company that suits my skills best, with an emphasis on planting design. I tremendously enjoy working with Vectorworks and the many other rendering programs we have worked on.

I look forward to spending many years years in the future while continuing to learn and explore the changing world of our environment.

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