Gi Won Ryu

Landscape Architecture / MA

My name is Giwon Ryu. I studied architecture in a college in South Korea and worked at an architecture company for three years. While working at the company, I became interested in landscape architecture. I feel that the importance of green space has been growing as the times change. Especially, considering its positive effects on psychological and physical health, the need for outdoor space is very important for society. The role of a landscape architect who creates positive change through the design of outdoor spaces attracted me to this profession.

This is my last semester and all the classes in my MA program have stimulated my curiosity about this field. While working on projects in the design studios, I have made efforts to set and develop goals and concepts through site research and reflect them in the final design. The works submitted to this Spring Show are also the result of my efforts to continue developing this process.

In the future, I aim to become a thoughtful landscape architect based on my experiences at the school while working in this field. I will continue to move forward to become a landscape architect who considers what kind of outdoor spaces are most appropriate for the site's neighborhood and users, and who designs attractive spaces that consider the needs of people and of nature.

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