The inspiration of this hair clip comes from the hair accessory called “aigrette” from the Rococo period.
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: alloy, stones, artificial pearls, beads, copper wire 20.2cmx11.7cmx5.5cm
The overall inspirations are from those amazing artworks and jewelries that are made of disposable objects and materials. I saw the brand “Papermelon” founded by Devi Chand, which is devoted into sustainable jewelries. I thought it was a really fascinating idea to make jewelries that is both beautiful and sustainable. Thus, the concept of my collection is turning a disposable product to a piece of art. This set won participation award of the first ESSERE Design Exhibition.
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: pvc, copper wire, artificial pearl 19.7cm(Plate) 12.5cm(Bowl)x19.7cm(Plate) 12.5cm (Bowl)x1.7cm(Plate) 4.5cm(Bowl)
This set is consisted of a bracelet and a ring. This is the same theme as the enamel piece. These two are seen as a series.
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: Copper, wire, enamel, stones, glass, pvc 3" (bracelet), 1"(ring)x3"(bracelet), 1"(ring)x1"(bracelet), 0.4"(ring)

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