Adrianne Thomson

Interior Architecture & Design / MFA

I believe that it is possible to design for happiness.

My MFA thesis, "Neorohacking Happiness," proposes how interior spaces can be designed to improve happiness and wellbeing. Grounded in evidence-based research from the fields of neurology, sociology, and psychology, I offer a new way to contemplate space by identifying elements that help stimulate the vagus nerve and reimagine an environment not often associated with health and joy - the office.

When visitors from all sectors arrive, this reception will provide an initial experience designed to evoke a sense of inspiration and a feeling of being energized. This area will also offer a sense of mystery, leaving the visitor intrigued. Drawing inspiration from the suggestion of possibility, the reception space will emulate the feeling of a womb-like cave, inspiring excitement, awe, and curiosity as to what may lay beyond the water wall. The room will spark the perception of future potential beyond the immediate surroundings.

Selecting a palate grounded in darker hues like charcoal, teal, and deep warm browns aligns with the client's goal of having a sophisticated space, all while working to create a sense of containment and a cave-like atmosphere. Materials such as Tyndall stone point offer an element of domestic luxury while emphasizing the organic and energizing quality of the water curtain. Lighter hues located around and behind the water curtain will provide wayfinding and highlight the feeling of newness from moving through the space.

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