Front Clear Glass FA110 OL2
Photo by: Lisa Bagley-Hryciw Medium: Oils 20x16xcanvas panel
Front Reflective Copper FA110 OL2
Photo by: Lisa Bagley-Hrycow Medium: Oils 16x20xcanvas panel
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Lisa Bagley-Hryciw

Lisa Bagley-Hryciw

Fine Art / BFA

Artist Statement: My artwork is a reflection of my technique and understanding of light and shadow as it appears through my eyes. Prior to picking up the paint brush, I spend quite a bit of time thoughtfully selecting my influential objects, strategizing the compositions and photographing my point of view. This body of work demonstrates the traditional theories and techniques of still life painting while incorporating beautiful surfaces and textures. I use stylized brushwork and detailed values to create a balance between the hard, reflective objects and the softer, organic objects. Art making is an essential part of my life balance. I am deeply influenced by my subject to create a window of a moment worth capturing. Bio: Lisa Bagley-Hryciw started taking oil painting lessons at age 13. Her parents always encouraged and supported her as she turned her desire for making art into a career by earning her A.A. from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1993. She worked as a graphic artist for over 25 years. She has owned several businesses. Recently, at age 50 she has returned back to her love of drawing and painting to pursue her B.A. in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. Lisa lives in Vancouver, WA has two grown children, two grandchildren and a rescued Chihuahua that she adores. Lisa is overjoyed to be accepted into the Spring Show 2022 and she looks forward to adding to her body of work, taking commissions and participating in more exhibitions. Email:

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