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Ching Ju Tsao

Ching Ju Tsao

Fine Art / MA

All my painting inspiration comes from my current living environment and surroundings. In the past two years, affected by the epidemic, the school has changed to remote classes. Fortunately, it saves traffic time and gives me a chance to calm down and gradually develop the habit of taking a walk and contemplation. This also gives me the opportunity to intimately observe and appreciate the beauty of plants.

I have to marvel at how nature harmoniously presents the changes of the four seasons, either complementary colors, or analogous colors, as well as overlapping shapes, distinct lines and color ranges... etc. They are definitely the visual and spiritual feast, sometimes even a projection of culture and memory. For example, the lotus flower reminds me of Zen meditation’s enlightenment for regaining self-compassion and love. Cherry blossoms always evoke memories of the last overseas trip with my father. California poppies are definitely the best dancers under the California’s passionate sunshine. Pumpkin patch, reminds me of Thanksgiving, a grateful, warm and harvest scene.

During this period of studying abroad, I lived in Sonoma County, has a rich variety of flowers and crops in the four seasons. Almost every family’s garden has a variety of flowers, such as roses, sunflowers and magnolia...etc. There are also many farm markets, apple orchards, vineyards, pumpkin patches and corn farms. Every time I think of so many local inspiration resources, it is really exciting and enlightening.

Therefore, I want to use my enthusiasm to transform the unique aesthetics and meaning of flowers, fruits and vegetables into artistic creation of oil paintings. They are the classic timeless subject matters, the most beautiful and nourishing incarnation in people's daily life, full of vitality, so as to arouse people's feelings of joy and appreciation. Give back to nature the most beautiful gift to mankind.

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