Self- constructed and shot
Designed and constructed a costume on a wooden doll for the lead character Galen
Self- constructed
Inspiration- Martha Graham dance company
Sukanya Sarin

Sukanya Sarin

Fashion / MFA

My Spring show submission is based on costume designed and constructed during my time in this course.
I Have 4 years of fashion design background including working with fashion designers. Being enthusiastic about theater/film and fashion design, made me discover that costume design was a perfect medium. While pursuing the MFA costume design course has led me to participate in several projects either film or theater or web series. Developed work ethic and eye for style inspired me to collaborate with others that are passionate about design.
Skilled at creating a conceptual design, historical costumes, costume illustrations, scenic breakdown of the script, costume construction, and accessorization.
In the near future, I hope to work for films and theaters as a costume designer across countries and hope to learn from experienced people who also strive to change the world for the better by creating something beautiful.

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