Rongfang Zheng

Rongfang Zheng

Fashion / BFA

Zheng Rongfang, born and raised in Changsha, China, currently lives in San Francisco, USA. She is a junior majoring in fashion design at art University. As a student majoring in fashion design, she likes to keep learning new knowledge in daily life and enrich herself by learning more knowledge about fabric selection, fabric cutting, fabric decoration, knitting design, and other aspects. She likes to add some knitting to her designs. Every winter, grandma, and mother in the neighborhood will start to use knitting to make sweaters, so knitting elements mean warmth and affection to her. In high school, she learned how to knit and made her first scarf, which opened the door to her love of fashion design.

Zheng Rongfang likes sitting in the park, watching nature, watching people walking in the park, and watching children playing, because to her, everyone is unique in this world, everyone has their attitude and style, and people express their body language differently when they are happy. Meanwhile, in the past three years of study, I kept collecting these ideas and learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to improve myself and better express her ideas on clothes. In addition, she has also been exposed to fashion photography, fashion styling and fashion marketing to improve her professional knowledge.

Zheng Rongfang, who is expected to graduate in December 2022, believes that fashion is about expressing yourself bravely, regardless of age or gender.

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