Keer (Ivy) Chen

Keer (Ivy) Chen

Fashion / BFA

Somehow I sensed the reality of our beauty spirit right now is under an influence of the Instagram “bitchy looks”; and this phenomenon speaks to me rather as that some women out there are still subconsciously occupied by male chauvinism.

As a person in a world where we are often driven to justify the reality around us, I wonder if there's a slight possibility that reality could be redefined.
Eventually, my strong will in life becomes the drive behind my designs.
As a fashion designer, my goal is to bring out the pure essence of design as a discussion to the new possibilities in women in the new age.

My thesis collection is inspired by my mother, who showed me the strength and vulnerability in females and all of that make a real woman to me. I translated the image of my mother into my design language by taking hard structure and soft drape as one of the design elements to form an abstract impression of strong women in my mind.

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