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Adam Forfang

Adam Forfang

Art Education / CRED

I was born in San Pablo, California and grew up in the surrounding Bay Area. As a visual artist, I’m constantly inspired by the world around me...Whether I’m striving to capture light and atmospheric effects in a landscape, exploring color, shape, and composition through Still Life painting, or expressing mood and character in a Portrait, Art provides opportunities to observe the nuances of perception and to connect with my imaginative side. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Drawing and Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I began showing my artwork professionally. My works have been featured in publications such as Southwest Art, American Art Collector, and Fine Art Connoisseur. I maintain an art studio practice,, and regularly participate in gallery exhibits. My passion extends into Art History as well. Visiting museums and observing architecture from different parts of the world has taught me that Art is a continuously changing global language that illustrates our shared human condition.

I’ve also been teaching art for over 15 years. My experience ranges from the Elementary School level using Zoom, to High School grades 9 through 12 and beyond into college instruction. Through my journey as a graduate student in Art Education, I developed a personal approach that encourages my students to find joy in the creative process and to draw upon their intrinsic motivations. My lessons utilize the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to foster a sense of visual literacy and technical skill within the student, empowering them to express their personal visions through the purposeful use of line, shape and color. In addition to fostering hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills, I believe the Arts nurture the student’s social and emotional well-being. I strive to make my art classroom an oasis, where students feel a sense of community, discovery, and self-reflection.

My Capstone project involved teaching high school students about divergent thinking through the process of abstraction. I introduced the concept of Cubism to my class and challenged them to shift their perceptions. Once they were free from the dominance of reality, the students flowed within their inner states, creating new emotional and cognitive associations.

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