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What is Public?

What is Public?

An Architectural Master Plan for a new Typology of Public Buildings

Master of Architecture Thesis Project

What is public, presents a new concept in architecture which is based on the interconnection of components through public pedestrian-friendly engagement with the site, building, space, program, and occupants. Offering users, the ability to interact with both government buildings and people, by experiencing spaces in public buildings in a new way.

The architecture focuses on the connection between common adjacencies of programs, constricted by codes and ordinances. It thus provides an opportunity to be deliberate in chaotic disorganization and disruption of the program, resulting in tension or relaxation.

What is public, is proposing an architectural master plan for a new typology of buildings, to enhance the social experience and provide transparency among the community. This challenge to defy the norm is to provide a means to reshape how architecture looks at public buildings.

David Gill

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