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Safely Held

Safely Held

A Residential Recovery Retreat for Sexual Assault Survivors

Bachelor of Architecture Thesis Project

Philip Ra, AIA
Ethen Wood

Sexual violence is an epidemic that permeates modern society, A common problem after these assaults is that the victims have unstable living situation for several reasons. The assault may take place in or near their places of residence. The perpetrator may know where they live or has access to their homes. Their job may also be an unsafe environment causing loss in income and an inability to pay rent.

The majority of victims continue to experience trauma-related symptoms and effects including medical needs, psychological issues, loss of employment, trouble with school studies, and much more. These effects can be lifelong, but with proper help, care, and support, the negative impacts can be lessened.

The opportunity exists to change this reality for many women. This project provides a residential facility with supplemental services such as medical care, individual and group therapy, daily activities for pure entertainment or enjoyment, reflective spaces, access to information about police and legal options, help with school withdrawals, and job resignations.

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