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Central Marketplace
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Networking Identities

Networking Identities

Breaking the limitations of traditional marketplaces in Montenegro

Bachelor of Architecture Thesis Project

Philip Ra, AIA
Ethen Wood
Mini Chu
B.Arch Academic Excellence Award

This project connects the urban and rural areas of Montenegro to sustain traditional agricultural practices and make available locally produced food.

Montenegro is rich in natural resources and agricultural potential that could allow it to be self-sustainable. But there is a lack of connectivity between urban population centers and the rural agricultural areas. As a result, rich cultural traditions of locally produced food are being lost and urban dwellers, in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, must import food at high costs.

Agriculture has been historically the main source of income in the beautiful rural regions. Without access to the population centers as a customer base, there are no viable employment opportunities for young people in the rural areas. The migration of young people to cities like Podgorica also creates friction due to big differences in lifestyles between the urban and rural populations.

Taking advantage of the well-established railways in Montenegro, the project creates an economic and cultural connection between the urban and rural regions. The project site is adjacent to the train station in downtown Podgorica. The project acts as a new gateway to the city serving those migrating to the city and as a marketplace for those who wish to sell agricultural products to the city dwellers and return to the land. Live-work spaces provide food growers a way to afford a dwelling that is affordable and independently financed. Cultural program promote the beauty of the food growing regions in Montenegro.

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