Simran Pattar

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

Hi, there! My name is Simran Pattar and I am from Union City, California. I am a VFX Compositor who specializes in working in After Effects, Nuke, and ShotGrid.

As a lead compositor at Studio X, I have learned the importance of collaboration, communication, deadlines, and client delivery in the professional VFX pipeline. I have had the pleasure to work on short and feature films that required wire removal, rotoscoping, green screen replacement, CG elements, practical effects, 2D/3D tracking, match move, color correction, and breakdowns under tight deadlines.

My creative side likes to put 100% effort into every project by providing an outstanding amount of detail and passion in everything I do. This resembles the hardworking person I am. I am productive, efficient, organized, reliable, and driven.

While I have flaws of my own, I recognize those weaknesses and constructive criticism towards being a better version of myself and my work. My personality and professional experience make me an excellent candidate for success in the industry!

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