Arina Agafonova

Animation & Visual Effects / BFA

I’m originally from Russia and I studied at St. Petersburg State University ITMO, my major was Computer Science. Right now I’m getting a degree at The Academy of Arts in San Francisco and my major is 3D Animation and VFX with VFX emphasis. I have 2 years of professional experience in compositing mostly in Nuke and After Effects.
Right now I'm specializing in creating procedural assets, procedural modeling, and dynamic simulation in Houdini. I am proficient at texturing and lightning, creating textures in Substance Painter and Substance Designer, making shaders, and rendering in Arnold, Mantra, and Redshift. I'm also skilled in pipeline optimization and R&D.
I would like to work as a TD/VFX artist in the game or movie industry. Currently, I’m leading a team at Studio X of 24 artists in full-cycle production of animation in Unreal Engine.

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