Shuyi Li

Shuyi Li

Acting / BFA

Shuyi Li is a professional actress, hailing from Shenzhen, China. She has an uncanny gift for languages: skillfully communicating effectively in Mandarin, Cantonese and Sichuan dialects. She is proficient in English and has begun learning Japanese. The goal being to be an international actress, capable of taking on roles filmed in diverse languages.

At the same time, she is interested in and knows a little about classical culture, especially China, Europe and Japan. Since 2022, she has starred in Amy, the "always good girl" with a dark side in "Let me sleep"; Jamie, the "Femme Fatale" in "Easy as pie", and Tess, who is tired of her love relationship in Spider". At the same time, she also starred in "Dine & Dash" as a supporting waitress. Shuyi Li will graduate from the Academy of Art University at the end of the spring semester in 2022 and receive her BFA in acting. While studying for her degree, she starred in 12 short films directed by fellow students and faculty.

Like every fresh graduate, Shuyi Li is more anxious than ever, but she always adjusts her mentality to prepare for a smooth graduation. Browsing instagram is a way to relax. Although she is not a social expert, her user name is ruki.li.

For the future, Shuyi Li expects that she will have more works, not only movies, but even get involved in the dubbing industry. She also wants to have a plan to walk on the stage so that she can sweat freely.

Ghost World- Best Actress-Comedy

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