Copney Toler

Copney Toler

Acting / BFA

Copney Toler has always wanted to be an actor. However, life happened, and for the past 30 years, she's been a wife and mother. Her kids are grown and she's no longer a wife. Copney is excited to be able to devote her next 30 years to devekoping her huge passion for acting. Copney is training in the BFA Acting program at Academy of Art University. Although she is older than her fellow students, she will not let Father Time get in the way of her dreams. Copney is known among her fellow actors for just as easily making them cry and as cracking them with one of the many comedic characters she has created- including a housewife wannabe diva, who lip syncs into spray can of Behold Furniture Polish.

Game Night- Best Actress-Drama

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