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Daniel Jungwoo Kim / Fashion

About Spring Show 2022

Spring Show is the eye-opening, mind-bending, imagination-expanding, lifelong connections-making, immersive experience that will forever shape how you see art and design, yourself, and the world around you.

For the students exhibiting at Spring Show, it’s about showcasing the wealth of skills, connections, and professional experience they’ve acquired, that will enable them to enter the work force trained to perform from their first day. It’s their opportunity to have professionals review their portfolios and possibly tender job offers.

For our industry partners and recruiters, Spring Show is about meeting and hiring new skilled talent. It’s about cultivating relationships and connecting established and emerging artists.

For prospects Spring Show offers a glimpse into what life is like as an Academy student. It’s determining if Academy of Art University is fertile ground for their creative genius.

No matter who you are come to Spring Show. Interact. Look. Listen. Acknowledge. Inquire. Absorb. Scout for new talent at a portfolio review or thesis presentation. Discover the next award-winning filmmaker. See what happens when skilled graduates and professional artists and designers connect.

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